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About The MOVIE


About Suicide Squad

Country: United States

Year: 2016

Category: Action, Crime, Fantasy

Release Date: August 5, 2016

Director: David Ayer

Starring: Margot Robbie, David Harbour, Jared Leto

Age Restriction: 13 years

Duration: 130 minutes

Budget: $27,500,000

Box Office: $?

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3 Great Reasons To Watch Suicide Squad

“Suicide Squad”, Fake the suicide of Squad it has transformed in the whole popular phenomenon. More than one year before its premiere, the unpublished movie on the villains of DC Comics began to gain itself the fronts of the means with the physical changes of the actors spread in social networks, the filtrations of the shooting (with presence of included Batman), and the first and applauded trailer in Comic-Con de San Diego in July, 2015.

Now, after the interviews, countless videos of advance, merchandising and a celebrated avant premiere this Monday in New York (USA), came the hour of the truth: the opinion of the public Mientras the Chilean rooms enlist the premiere of the Suicidal Squadron for this Thursday, the 4th of August (with presale of tickets two weeks ago), the criticism already gave its verdict. Between the biggest praises there is the entertaining history of the villains, who are recruited by a secret agency of the American government to carry out suicidal missions in exchange for excusing its condemnations.

Doing a comparison with previous phenomena of the movies of the genre, magazine Empire he published: "Like a meeting of the Avengers destroyed by Deadpool, Fake the suicide of Squad it gives him a new life to the cinematographic universe DC.”...
But the praises were less than the questions towards the history. For The Hollywood Reporter, the Suicidal Squadron is "a disconcerting and confused project that is never so 'cool' as he is thinking about being. Fake the suicide of Squad it assembles a stellar team of supervillains and does not know what to do with them". On the same one, The New York Times thinks that the tape "chases the nihilistic boasting of Deadpool and the Guards' capricious lawlessness of the galaxy, but it stumbles over its own feet to be a movie on a band of fearsome outlaws, Suicide Squad is enormously careful of not passing of the streak.

This phrase proceeding from a source near to the development of Suicide Squad, might have been pronounced in 2008 and would have missed nobody. One year after the premiere of Iron Man and interviewee for In Contention, Jeff Bridges released one that has remained for the headstone: "They had not script, man”, it mentioned on a project that finished bran thanks to the capacity of improvisation of its director and of its interpreters.

#3 A great release date: May 4 , 2016

This Wednesday, Kim Masters, of The Hollywood Reporter, has thrown a quite detailed inventory of the events with Suicide Squad. A history is an appellant who begins with the fixation of a date of premiere before it has an absolutely solid base on which to develop the project what, with the cold head: it is not even either a problem limited to the only exemption, or certainly punctual problem of our days. Yes the infernal existing competition is exceptional and current, nevertheless, between the studies that has accelerated the production of exemption, the "ideal" system of development of commercial successes on having been based on a well-known mark (DC, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Tolkien) who saves theoretically the big obstacle on that the producer Joel Silver was commenting in its most entertaining cowardice during the promotional paper clip of The Nice Guys: "The people only are important to be seen by what it knows“.

Suicide Squad Development

An interjection. I recommend to you this comment of the producer Keith Calder. “It is not alone that the tail wiggles the dog: the fact is that they promise to wiggle the tail in a concrete date before the dog exists. Most of the people of the industry believe that I are crazy for thinking that it is necessary to have a script prepared in most cases to roll before promising to do a movie”, it aims as regards what understands like a "systemic" problem that it harms to the relation “commercial quality - success”, at factor that he considers to be essential long-term for the health and the confidence of a producer.

Suicide Squad Full Movie Storyline

“Suicide Squad” Already directly in the article, Master's degrees he speaks on the negative impact of Batman v Superman, a topic about which we have spoken one and thousand times here, but it does it from an angle that I consider to be essential: that of the product. While Zack Snyder and the creative persons in charge received with disappointment the criticism from an artistic point of view, like film makers who are, the consequences of the reception were translated in the office of Kevin Tsujihara, president of Warner Bros. Entertainment, like the threat of an economic damage in a longer term. “Kevin finished really annoyed on the damage carried out on the mark”, told in this sense another source near to the project.
It is necessary to remember that the shooting of Suicide Squad begins before the premiere of Batman v Superman. In fact, the germ of the project dates back even to much before the beginning of the shooting of Man of Steel. Officially, Warner concentrates in 2009 on the material created in the modern age by John Ostrander, Len Wein and John Byrne and the first draft created by Justin Marks exists in 2011 — of which you have wide extracts in Bleeding Cool — that describes to us, as it was necessary to wait, a history almost completely different from the one that we will see on screen.!
In fact, There Fakes the suicide of it Squad who conocermos in the movies promises to be in September, 2014 with the signing of David Ayer like scriptwriter and the director. The casting begins in October. In the course of six weeks, according to the THR piece, Yesterday it is already provided with a script with which, according to the sources, the study “he decides to pull”. .

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